Erik Vaartnou retired from his career in the telecommunications industry a few years ago with the intention of devoting more time to art and design. He has a Fine Arts Certificate from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. He also completed Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Arts (Economics) degrees at the University of Alberta in Edmonton and a number of PhD. level courses at the University of British Columbia  in Vancouver. He was born in Vancouver and now resides nearby in West Vancouver.

Erik is optimistic in outlook and his artworks use colours and images that portray the world in this way. He predominantly uses acrylics and mixed media to produce both representational and abstract compositions. The works display a sense of buoyancy but are layered and can be thought provoking. Some are simply joyful reflections of the surroundings while others present opportunities for analytical introspection. His interests in life and art are diverse, and this is reflected his palette, technique, style and subject matter. Inspiration comes from life on the west coast and his interests in the human condition and our planet, in both micro and macro senses.


Harmony Arts Festival – Aug 2019

Silk Purse Art Centre – Feb-Mar 2019

CitySpace Community Art Space – Nov-Dec 2018